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Dunedin and Central Otago New Zealand

19 days
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Nikon D60


This was my first visit to Jeremy's hometown. It's a pretty small city, but with lots of charm.
The best part was the beach. We also went on a tour of the Cadbury factory (YUM!).

Nature wonders

Little did I know that Dunedin is right next to a protected marine area, where seals and penguins live.
The views are amazing, and the seals were so cute!

Baldwin Street and Signal Hill

We couldn't miss a visit to the most touristic spot in Dunedin: Baldwin Street (the steepest street in the world).
I feel sorry for the poor kids that live at the top of it, I could barely make it.

Hawera and Central Otago

People in New Zealand are weird, they think 0 degree water is hot. However the days were really sunny and warm.
Hawera is one of those places to forget about the chaos of the city, and enjoy the blue water, beautiful mountains and incredible sunsets.


We went for a day trip to Queenstown, known to be the most beautiful and touristic place in New Zealand.
I get why, but since it’s too much to describe, just watch the video!


Wellington (the capital) is most known to be the windy city, which we can attest to be true.
Jeremy lived here before and I think I most certainly would. It has a little bit of everything, but mostly a very relaxed vibe.

I can't believe I didn't run into Peter Jackson during the whole trip.
There's only 5 million people in this country for godsake! I did run into one of his dragons though.